Age: 15
 Appearance: Tall, lanky, dark red hair and grey eyes.
 Personality: Cheerful, likes to joke, especially about his blindness. He can be solemn sometimes though. He knows how to fight with a sword but prefers daggers.


 Age: 100 - the equivalent of 20 in Human years
 Appearance: Tall, board shoulders, black hair, dark blue eyes
 Personality: Withdrawn, likes to keep to himself. He rarely smiles or laughs and very often acts like he doesn't care about anyone else but himself - though when it really matters he reveals his loyalty. He fights with the sword and he knows how to use the crossbow, but he prefers the long bow.

 Age: Unknown, Assumed to be in his late teens
 Appearance: Tall, dark red hair and dark green eyes
 Personality: Striker doesn't remember who he is, and for the most part is stern he likes to keep to himself. However, he does have a sense of humor, in spite of his temper - which earned him the name Striker. He is very skilled with the sword. Dangerously skilled

Age: 17
Appearance: Average height, broad shouldered, red hair and green eyes.
Personality: Fagan has a violent temper which is always getting him into trouble. He doesn't get along with a lot of people he meets and spends more time snapping any his comrades than talking. In spite of this, Fagan looks out for those around him. He is protective and always willing to stand up for those unable to defend themselves. He is not as skilled as the other boys when it comes to fighting but is still deadly with a sword.